See What our Customers are Saying

"Dr. Tatum is so positive and patient while he is training.   He never made me feel like I did not know what I was doing."   T.C., Financial Secretary  Texas

"I cannot believe how intuitive Dr. Tatum was while designing our financial statements.   His knowledge is awesome."   L.F., Financial Secretary, Oklahoma

"I love the simple fact that Dr. Tatum is ALWAYS available when needed by phone or email.  No question is ever too small or insignificant." W.C., Administrative Secretary, Texas

“Earlier this year Dr. Tatum updated our PowerChurch accounting system.  Dr. Tatum always responds to my questions promptly whether through a Fax, e-mail or phone call.  It is a relief to know that if a question arises, I am still welcome to contact Dr. Tatum for his advice.  That kind of sincere commitment to our organization is rare and greatly appreciated.”  K.S., Bookkeeper, Louisiana

"I have been very pleased and grateful for the personal training and assistance I have received. I was a new church secretary and had no bookkeeping skills at all; Dr. Tatum’s thorough knowledge and patience has been so helpful.” C.D., Church Secretary, Texas

“I liked Dr. Tatum immediately.  He is friendly, open and totally available to his clients without making them feel dumb.  He has the heart of a teacher.”  K.T. , Financial Secretary, Texas

“Consulting Associates has worked with our church for the past 10 years in various areas.  A very talented professional, Dr. Tatum has been able to master any financial assignment we have had an expressed need for.  We are fortunate to have John there for us to work on an array of accounting projects.  John does an outstanding job.” C.D., Business Administrator, Texas

“Dr. Tatum was an answer to my prayer. I had little to no training on PowerChurch.  He set-up our financial books for the church that was very understandable.  He is an asset to us, he is always available by a telephone call.”  J.M., Church Secretary, Texas

"Since 2015, our ministry has used the services of Dr. John Tatum of Cosulting Associates of Texas.  From day one, he has provided me with the instruction, expertise and encouragement to handle the accounting duties I'm responsible for in my administrative position.  Accounting is not my strong suit, but Dr. John has been available to me when I've had any questions (and I have had them!!).  I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. John's accounting services.  He is a fine man and I'm certain he will do you a fine job!"  R.S., Administrator, Texas

"Dr. Tatum's help in getting our church set up on PowerChurch, is immeasurable.  His expertise was extremely helpful in creating a chart of accounts that will meet the church's needs.  Not only is he a wonderful, knowledgeable, man but also he is a great teacher.  Anyone who uses his services is in good hands. " C.S., CPA, Church Bookkeeper, Arizona