Our Services

The following are the most common bookkeeping services we provide.  If you need a service not listed, please let us know.
          Online Bookkeeping Services – Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
                    • Banking, credit card reconciliations; Paypal, etc.
                    • Updating the online banking to correct the bank balance to real-time.
                    • Accounts Payable – posting, reconciling, reporting, yearend 1099’s, maintaining vendor master files.
                    • Accounts Receivable – posting of cash receipts & invoices, statements, reconciling, reporting and                                   maintaining customer files.
                    • Payroll – Entering and processing payroll
                    • Financial Reporting – balance sheet, income and expense statement, cash flow reporting, budgeting.
                    • Membership – Maintain membership master files
                    • Contributions – Enter and post contributions, reconcile to bank deposits.
                    • General Ledger – Entering journal entries for miscellaneous charges and credits and reporting.

          PowerChurch Set-up – New church initial set-up including design of a chart ofaccounts that reflects the                       financial reporting needs of the church using PowerChurch Plus Online.
          Clean Up / Catch Up Work – If the church books, need back months of catch up work, Year-End Tax Filings –                1099 and 1096 filing and reporting.

Outsourcing can increase
your bottom line versus
hiring in-house!