About Consulting Associates Bookkeeping Services

Consulting Associates of Texas (CATX)  has been providing quality services to business and churches since 1986. 
CATX is lead by Dr. Johnnie Tatum, President and Founder (Business Profile).  One of his passions is accountability.  His firm belief is everyone is accountable to someone in addition to the Lord.   Dr. Tatum has over 40 years experience in all phases of accounting and finance from the Business Manager of a Christian university to the Chief Accounting Officer of a $25 million manufacturing company.

Dr. Tatum served as the financial accountant for a church for 14 years.   He is a Licensed Belief Therapist, a Certified Family and Marriage Therapist, served as the Co-Director of a Single Parent Ministry and in 1993 Dr. Tatum became a Licensed Consultant for PowerChurch Plus Software.

CATX also performs Financial Reviews for churches.    A Financial Review is done to provide a detailed examination of a sampling of contribution records, cash receipts, cash disbursements and payroll records of a church for a given year.   The accounting procedures and internal control procedures being used by the organization are examined at the same time.    The overall process is much like an audit, but does not require a CPA, is generally much less expensive and is an ample examination of records and controls for most churches, church administrators and church organizations. 

Every church should have good bookkeeping records.  If your church does not have a set of books, you need to rethink your approach to handling God's money. 

How do you know how the church is doing financially?  How do you know if you are operating in the black?  Hire CATX to answer those questions for you.

Outsourcing to a subcontractor instantly saves you money verses hiring an in-house employee.  You save on payroll taxes, employee benefits, overhead and insurance, not to mention getting rid of employee headaches.  The service we provide can be performed no matter where you are located.  We can save you money and assure your bookkeeping is done right.

We use many software programs to work efficiently remotely using; PowerChurch Online, SmartVault, SendThisFile, Skype and other software in the cloud.